Team Tactics



1) Team Tactics (1 day 6-8hours) Our one-day Team Tactics courses will foster teamwork and teach stress management, weapons manipulations, team movements, team communication, and fighting in basic Close Quarters Battle, (CQB) situations.  We recommend this course for most husbands and wives in preparation for their own home defense however it is directed to Law Enforcement and Security Patrol Teams working in team environments.  We will help you to develop cognitive combative skills, fighting with a pistol alongside another person and communicating while fighting in a team environment.  Shooting, moving and communicating are the core skills we focus on in this course.  This one or two day course will challenge your team to their highest level.  Our Defensive Handgun 1 or Defensive Rifle 1 or equivalent is a prerequisite for this course. Proper documentation must be verified prior to entry to this course. (MINIMUM ROUND COUNT – 600 rounds)
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