Corporate Events

Host your next Corporate Team Building Event with Ready Gunner at the Provo Gun Club

How does it work?  Each attendee will receive a Ready Gunner backpack filled with ammunition, targets and foam ear plugs.  After signing waivers and a short safety briefing, attendees will shoot a variety of rifles and hand guns.  Our staff will provide training and supervision.  Toward the end of your event, attendees will be invited to participate in a shooting competition.  Prizes will be provided by Ready Gunner.  Minimum group size is 10 attendees.

How long is the event?  Events with groups up to 30 people last approximately 90 minutes.  Groups over 50 last approximately 120 minutes. 

Where is the event held? Provo City Shooting Sports Park up Provo Canyon. 

Will food be provided?  Ready Gunner will provide water and soda for attendees.  You are welcome to arrange catering or bring your own food.  Please let us know your plans.  We’ll bring tables and chairs to accommodate you.

Can attendees purchase additional ammunition?  Yes.  We will bring additional ammunition if attendees wish to purchase more than provided in their backpacks.

What firearms will be provided?  We will bring a variety of rifles and hand guns such as: scar, acr, ps90, utas 15 shotgun, tavor, various ar15, akdal shotgun, saiga shotgun, fs2000, barrett m107a150, various pistols.  NFA items will be available to shoot.

How much does the event cost?  We have three packages available, and the pricing is per person.  Packages include a Ready Gunner drawstring backpack including 3 targets, foam ear plugs and the ammunition from the package chosen.  A package must be purchased for each attendee.  Attendees are welcome to bring their own firearms and additional ammunition.  Ammunition will be inspected, some ammunition will not be permitted in our firearms.

For more information, or to book your next event, contact Ready Gunner by phone 801-376-9818, or by email

When a date is secured a 25% deposit is required.  Full payment is due one week prior to event.

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